Lesbian Paradise changes hands….

Gia, Ellie, and Jenny

The Highlands Inn is in Bethlehem, New Hampshire in the USA and for years it has provided a fabulous destination for lesbian holidayers for 29 years under the ownership of Grace Newman..  It has just been sold new owners Jenny Wackerle and Gia Koumantzelis after just one year on the market.

They have been frequent visitors to the Inn and for for many years have dreamed of the possibility of  buying the Inn.  They are both social workers, and spent their honeymoon at the Highlands Inn!

“We have always loved spending our free time in this special place. The Highlands Inn has always felt like home, because of Grace’s warmth and hospitality. Our goal is to maintain the spirit of The Highlands Inn, and to continue the wonderful work Grace has done over the past 29 years. We feel so fortunate and honored to be accompanying The Highlands Inn into her next chapter.”