Inside Asia – help with planning your Asian sojourn

One of the things that tour operators learn is how to get the most out of a few weeks holiday - what not to miss, where the cheapest and most characterful accommodation might be, how to get from one place to the next with the least fuss and time, how best to support local efforts at self determination. Since 1996 Pat and Murray Reedy have organised literally hundreds of guided trips along the Silk Road - through Central Asia, South West Asia, … [Read more...]

Silk Road Adventures – Journey the Silk Road


Silk Road Adventures explores an Intriguing Frontier... how to get ex girlfriend backSilk Road Adventures  have been exploring the  Silk Road through Asia since 1996.   This area has become a passion for Pat Reedy and her husband Murray who are based in Greymouth in the South Island of New Zealand.  They have organised hundreds of tours and since 2000 they have been part of the Women Travel Network. Pat writes: In May we went off to the Caucasus … [Read more...]

GUILIN TO KATHMANDU – a journey of discovery on the Silk Road.


A journey of discovery and delight by road, river and rail with Silk Road Adventures by Brenda Barrie In May 2009, I travelled from China to Nepal on a 26 day trip, so full of interest and contrasts that it seemed to last for months rather than days. First, we sampled views, made famous by traditional Chinese paintings, of the Karst landscape in the Guilin region of southern China. This included an enjoyable three hour boat trip on the Li … [Read more...]

Women and India – so many choices


I have just added a whole lot more tours for women to India onto the Women Travel the World Tour Calendar. There is so much choice from some wonderful companies, you can do a tour, and add some extra stays to explore by yourself once you have gained some confidence.  As a woman travelling on my own, I find this a great way to travel.  Join a small tour where I can get the feel of a country and then branch out confidently to explore on my own.  … [Read more...]

One. Two.. Three… My 17 day tour of Myanmar

Penny Somervaille writes   One ... two ... three... four ... five ... six ... seven ... eight ... nine ... ten ... pause   Why on earth did I think I could do this? I have to be mad. Here I am climbing this hill, this mountain – Mt. Victoria in the Chin State of Myanmar at 3050m – and I don’t think I can do it one ... two ...three... We were up at dawn in order to make an early start, after two nights in our Mt. Oasis Resort, … [Read more...]

The Road to Mandalay…

Pat of Silk Road Adventures writes Burma is a country with two names and a controversial history. Anglophiles mostly use the old colonial name Burma but in 1992 the government re-established the traditional name Myanmar which is phonetically correct Burmese pronunciation in pre-colonial times. Which name to use is not my greatest concern as I wait at the Ruili-Muse border between China's Yunnan province and Myanmar's Northern Shan State where a … [Read more...]