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twglogoThe Wander Girls (TWG) organizes women only trips in India and around the world. They also have offer trip planning services and India tour packages to International tourists who are interested in travelling to India. Additionally, TWG also holds various women only events in Indian metro cities with the goal of providing women with an opportunity to meet and interact with other women.

DSC02285The Wander Girls was founded by Hetal Doshi. A banker, entrepreneur, writer, and budding photographer, Hetal has worn many hats to find one that best fits, and Wander Girls fits!   Hetal is the brain behind The Wander Girls (TWG) and she has lived in, and travelled to different countries and continents like USA, Canada, Europe, China, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and various South East Asian countries.

Hetal realized that she is happiest when she’s on the road, alone or with a bunch of friends, travelling to destinations that have yet to be discovered. She founded TWG with the purpose of sharing this passion for travel and providing women with social and professional networking options. Hetal believes travel is all about enjoying the journey and not simply reaching a destination.

travel-to-india-client-at-jaipur With her extensive travel experience and knowledge, Hetal ensures that TWG trips are a carefully crafted mix of scenery, history, culture, adventure, local gastronomy, getting to know the people, and shopping! TWG trips are comfortably paced thus allowing one to enjoy every single moment of the trip.

Whether one is looking for a short weekend break, a reading holiday, a bachelorette outing, a getaway with girlfriends, a wellness vacation, a shopping expedition, a fitness trip, a rural experience, or a longer trip to various destinations, one will find something that resonates within.

yogbeach-goaHetal believes that on her trips she has overcome her fears, learned to appreciate different viewpoints, handle stressful situations confidently, and more importantly made the most of every single moment.

Travel pushes us to introspect –

It allows us to stay young at heart (thus ‘The Wander Girls’ and not ‘The Wander Women’)!

Travel gives us the chance to connect with people around the world.

Travel allows us to disconnect from mindless worries and refreshes our mind in the process.

DSC00522Hetal and the team at The Wander Girls
believe that travel is their way of life.
Travel keeps them alive.

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