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Womens travel adventuresCome with me to places that will touch your soul
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Womens Travel Adventures

Russian Documents
– Mongolian Dust

by Rensina van den Heuvel

Read the story of our 21,000km journey
With a small box of cooking utensils, a Land Rover and a GPS, we set off to see some of the world and since we had just met, we thought it may be a good way to get to know each other.

Five months later we had travelled 21,000 kilometres overland from Australia to Switzerland via Korea, Siberia, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, across the Black Sea into Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Liechtenstein, France and onto Switzerland.  Read a great introduction to the book on Thelma and Louise

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“Russian Documents” certainly transported me out of the comfort zone of my comfy computer chair in my safe Aussie world, to a world I knew nothing about! Rensina has shown me a very different world and its people. I had to go and get the atlas out to trace her epic  journey with Allen.

I have decided this is something I will never even contemplate! It was good to read about it and not experience it.  All congratulations to Rensina for surviving and relating the tale.

Her descriptions of the countryside, especially Mongolia are magnificent and enchanting. These were accompanied by the little capsules of the lives of the people and the  starkness of their lives leaves a footprint on my mind”

Camping in twelve countries,
sleeping in 116 campsites
over five months……

we got to know one another, very well!

Quotes from readers

Quote from Nick Earls, Author-“Batchelor Kisses”, “World of Chickens”……..

“Just when we thought the entire world had been found out and filmed and put in our lounge rooms, Rensina van den Heuvel shows us there is still scope for real adventure, and that discovery is more than the name of a TV channel.’

  • “Compelling….could not put it down!”
  • “I wanted to keep reading it but I had to get up and go to work.”
  • “I got so cold reading the bit about Mongolia that I had to have a hot shower!”
  • “I loved it! Thank you for sharing your story!”

“Anyone with any interest in other cultures or travel would really enjoy this book. I think being Australian helped me enjoy it, but the Aussie-centric expressions and anecdotes are not out of reach for those unfamiliar. Overall, this is a brilliant story, compelling and fascinating”

More about Rensina van den Heuvel

  • Rensina also makes Kimonos
  • Writes on the Writers Web
  • is a passionate supporter of Overland Travellers
  • Lives at The Wilderness between Brisbane and Cairns in Queensland, Australia
  • Welcomes Overlanders to The Wilderness
  • Leads regular trips to Mongolia  Morocco and her native Queensland
  • also sells and promotes supplies  to make clean water and excellent Solar Lamps here

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