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Latest Posts from Women Travel

Ladies trekking

Women Trek Kilimanjaro 2016

Be the Flag Tour 2016 Ambassador for your country Women of 60 different nationalities trekking on Kilimanjaro at the same time. Let’s do something together that has never been done before! Represent your nation (country)!  The goal is to get to the Roof of Africa on 29 February 2016. We will spread and support the […]


Greek Muse Tour

From Wanderwoman/Eurynome Journeys – next trip 9-19 October 2015 Come invoke the Muses and your creativity while traveling through beautiful Greece! We will explore the island of Mytilini aka Lesvos first by Jeep Safari to get an overview of this beautiful island. Each day we will taste and experience traditional Greek culture through cuisine, learning about […]

Queen Charlotte Sound NZ

The Top of the South Island of New Zealand

Cook Strait separates the North and South Island of New Zealand – it can be a wild piece of water at times, but you can rely on the boats not going if it is too bad.  If the weather is good, it one of the great ferry rides in the world. The best way to […]

Wiola and Iza backpacking across the world

Rediscovering Kindness – a backpacking journey around the world.

Starting in July 2015 two young women from Poland, Wioletta Gluza and Izabela Turaj, are on a journey to Rediscover Kindness as they hitch hike through 4 continents, 38 countries and cover more than 75 000 kilometers. They believe that this life changing adventure will truly make a difference not only in their lives but also in the […]

cook in tuscany

Cooking in Tuscany – Part 3

Post by Linda Meyers of Cook in Tuscany Hands-on cooking classes can mean anything from watching a chef cook, to a row of cutting boards and knives laid out for everyone to chop the same ingredients. Our classes are full-immersion. We like you to get involved as much (or as little) as you desire. Of […]

Dalt Vila Ibiza

5 Reasons Ibiza is the Perfect Getaway

Ibiza, off the southern coast of Spain is renowned for being a party island that attracts the world’s top DJs to clubs such as Pacha, Space and Amnesia. However, most people don’t realise that the White Island is also home to some of the most beautiful scenery, relaxing beaches, and a raft of history and […]

Biking in Sicily

Cycling Sicily – A Day on Tour

Hannah Johnson writes: Cycling  Sicily and exploring this magical island as a way to spend my holidays has been a phenomenal treat. It was, to me, a cyclist’s dream trip! It was not only for the landscape, but also for the rich history and the culture that continue to flourish after all these years. Cycling […]

House boat in Kerala backwaters

Multi Centre Holiday – Another Way To Travel on your Own

My parents started traveling in their 60s. They booked their first night in Athens and from then on found their way via trains and accommodation across Europe. I envy them.  To feel ‘safe’ I need to get a bit more planning under belt, but no way do I want to find myself on a busload […]

screenshot-www johnmason com 2015-05-21 09-53-22

Understanding a Country – USA at a Glance

If you are going to be spending some time in a country, or especially if you are moving there, the more you know about it the better prepared you will be.  The United States of America has within it more than one ‘country’, the South is very different from the North, and the East is […]


Mongolia – Culture and Giving as a Traveler.

In remote Western Mongolia, there is a sprinkling of brilliant white snow on the mountains and as we come over a slight rise, a few small gers come into view. Allen is looking for some directions. Driving slowly towards the family camp, two women, one elder, an older man and a small girl emerge from […]

Safety tips for women traveling in India

Women Travel Safely in India

I am sometimes over tips for women traveling safely – like we are fragile and need protecting from the big bad world.  However I am also aware that we are so at home in our own worlds, we forget that things that we do normally at home are weird – dangerous – offensive to others […]

The North Face Sailing

Sailing in Norway

Featured Post by Sietske Meerloo Join her Sailing in Norway trip in July this year   She runs a travel company for women called VakanShe Back to Basics From the plane I can see Finnmark, the most Northerly province of Norway. Finnmark is, because of its size, the largest province of this Scandinavian country but it […]